Skinbuzz Review: Bee-Powered Beauty Products That Feel Good And Do Good

Skinbuzz is a line of bee-powered beauty products that feel good and also do good! I recently got to review some things from their line, and I’m in love.

Every single thing in the Skinbuzz line is made with all-organic, non-GMO ingredients, along with something special from bees, such as Royal Jelly, Propolis, or Beeswax.

Skinbuzz also donates 5% of all its profits to the Planet Bee Foundation, which provides educational workshops on the struggle honeybees and other pollinators face, while also teaching about pollinator conservation.

Honeybees are not currently on the endangered species list, but they could be, considering they are on a decline globally due to factors such as pesticides and climate change.

As bees decline, it severely impacts our food supply and production capabilities.

Bees might be small, but they really are so essential, and it’s amazing that Skinbuzz gives back to help them.

Nicole Sullivan developed the line for her teenage daughter to help prevent acne, but you certainly don’t have to be a teen to appreciate what she has created!

I received the Bee•Witched Organic Toner, Clean•Bee Organic Cleanser, Bee•You•Tiful Organic Moisturizer, Coal•Bee Charcoal Mask, Bee•Safe Organic Mineral Sunscreen with 30 SPF,  and the Facial Kit to review.

Here’s what I honestly think of everything.

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