The Internet Had The Best Reply For This Nasty Bridezilla Afraid Of Being Upstaged By Her Fiancé’s Exotic Friend On Her Wedding Day

The internet had the best reply for this nasty bridezilla afraid of being upstaged by her fiancé’s “exotic” friend on her wedding day. She then tried to delete the post, but we already have a copy of it. If you put something on the internet, you just need to know it’s going to probably be there forever.

“I (24-year-old female) am getting married to the most amazing man this summer – we’ll call him Ken (22-year-old male),” she started out by saying.

“He has invited 2 of his best friends from college, Alex (23-year-old male) and Nicole (22-year-old female).”

“I have hung out with both Alex and Nicole several times, but Ken is closer to them than I am.”

She then pointed out that religion is super important to her and her fiancé, and that they will be holding their ceremony in their “dream church.” Most of their wedding guests are part of their churches, and only 20% of the people they invited are their family members.

“Alex is some kind of Catholic, but Nicole has never been baptized or even gone to mass before,” she continued.

“According to Ken, she has no interest in religion. This bothers me a lot because I feel like she won’t appreciate our ceremony or the church.”

“Nicole is also very exotic looking, with brown skin and dark hair (her parents are from South Asia) so people will already be giving her looks anyway (not a lot of diversity in me or Ken’s families).”

Oh just wait. You think that’s bad? It gets way worse.

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