These 3 Women Were Murdered 14 Months Apart And After 2 Decades The Man Who Took Their Lives Has Just Been Named As A Suspected Serial Killer

Broward Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is Jessica Good

“Suspicion for Good’s murder fell on Roberto Wagner Fernandes, a Brazilian citizen who lived in Miami in the late 1990’s and returned to Brazil after Good was killed,” the Broward Sheriff’s Office said in a press release.

“The three cases shared similar fact patterns, and as detectives from BSO and Miami Police worked together, clues began to emerge.”

“DNA evidence collected from all three crimes pointed to one as yet unknown culprit. Also, fingerprints from the evidence collected at two crime scenes were a match. But the identity of the killer remained a mystery.”

Detectives continued to work to piece together who had taken the lives of Kimberly, Sia, and Jessica, but it would take until 2011 for there to be any real headway.

DNA taken from the scene of Jessica’s murder ended up matching to DNA taken from the scene of Kimberly and Sia’s murders.

Another break came when fingerprints from the suspect in Jessica’s murder, Roberto Wagner Fernandes, wound up matching fingerprints found at the 3 of the crime scenes.

Detectives at this point were confident that Roberto was responsible for murdering all 3 women, and so they went to Brazil to gather DNA from him.

Broward Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is Roberto Wagner Fernandes

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