This Amazing Woman Is Making Quarantine Barbies That We Can All Relate To

Here are some of her coolest ones below!

Quarantine Binge-Watching Barbie

Tonya captioned this one with, “Includes: Television, Comfy Crochet Afghan, Pillow, Orville Redenbacher’s Movie Theater Popcorn & Diet Coke.”

“Plus – Lots of Sweet & Salty Snacks.”

“Everything she needs for a cozy marathon of streaming!”

Quarantine Barbie Homeschool Mom Edition

Tonya said this one has, “3 Kids +Toddler (Permenantly attached to Mom’s leg).

Includes: Breakfast & Lunch plus Cookies, Games for Family Night, School Books & Science Homework  PLUS Tiny Volcano kit.”

“For mom – Pond’s Anti-Wrinkle Cream & Sonoma Wine. *Hair Dye not included.”

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