This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend With A Plastic Ring As A Joke And Now He’s Telling The Internet He Thinks She’s Childish For How She Reacted

She got upset, before throwing a pillow at him and going to the bathroom to cry. At this point, he was still laughing uncontrollably, while she just cried harder and couldn’t believe he thought this was funny.

She explained to him that it meant a lot to her to be married, and that he took away something that should be special by getting down on one knee.

Today, she woke up still crying intermittently and she told him he is mocking their relationship and mocking her too.

“I’ve said I’m sorry until I’m blue in the face,” he continued. “But a big part of me thinks she’s also overreacting and it’s childish.”

“The ironic thing is I do plan to propose to her for real soon.” He then said he feels like she just needs to get over this.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Think about it: what is the joke here? What was supposed to be funny about your prank? The joke was she.”

“You were laughing at her and her dream of getting married.”

“A dream that at this moment (but perhaps not for long) only you could have made come true for her.”

“Only consider how cold and cruel what you did was. Calibrate your apologies accordingly.”


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