This Poor Dog Was Chained Up On A Beach And Left To Die But A Trooper Stepped In To Save His Life Before The Tide Rose Further

Revere, Massachusetts. A poor dog was purposely left by his owner to be swept out by a high tide on a Massachusetts beach.

The dog was tied up and abandoned in a secluded portion of the beach, but thankfully, a trooper with the Massachusetts State Police was able to get to the dog in time and save his life before the water rose up too high.

The Massachusetts State Police updated the situation on Facebook as a post, revealing the details of the shocking incident and rightfully calling it animal cruelty.

Trooper Carlo Mastromattei arrived on the Revere beach shortly post noon, on Sunday, August 29th, after receiving a report of an abandoned dog chained to a pole near the beachfront.

He discovered a 50-pound dog with a strong metal chain around his neck there. The male pit bull mix, named Killer, was shackled to a section of steel rebar rod at the beach’s edge, which protruded from the bottom of the Winthrop Parkway to the Short Beach ramp.

Facebook; pictured above is a photo shared by the Massachusetts State Police of where the dog was chained

According to authorities, the dog was also restrained by a big rock tied to the chain to keep the dog from fleeing.

“During certain parts of the day this portion of the beach is completely submerged, with the tide rising as high as street level, past the point where the dog was chained,” Massachusetts State Police explained.

“The dog was at risk of drowning in a couple of hours if he hadn’t been found.”

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