This Sergeant Stationed In The Middle East Is Desperately Hoping To Save These Kitties And Bring Them Home With Her To America

Smithtown, New York. Guardians of Rescue is a wonderful non-profit organization based in Smithtown that is dedicated to helping to rescue animals from a variety of different situations.

One of the things Guardians of Rescue really specializes in is helping deployed service women and men to get animals they have rescued from bad situations overseas home to America with them.

Taking to Facebook a few days ago, Guardians of Rescue asked for donations to help a service woman by the name of Sergeant Kelsey who is desperately hoping to save a few kitties she met while stationed in the Middle East.

Just 6 weeks after Sergeant Kelsey was deployed to the Middle East, she came across a very sorry young cat that was clearly underfed and suffering from a few injuries.

Guardians of Rescue; pictured above is Seargeant Kelsey along with Sergeant Whiskers and her kittens

The cat could barely walk, and so Seargeant Kelsey jumped in to help save her. She even came up with an adorable name for the cat; Sergeant Whiskers.

“As Whiskers grew stronger so did their bond, and the sweet cat became a source of comfort and an escape from the worry and pressures of the job SGT Kelsey and her team stepped up to do,” Guardians of Rescue wrote. “One night, Whiskers led SGT Kelsey to two tiny kittens! Despite her struggle, she had been able to keep her babies alive and, touchingly, introduced them to the woman who helped her.”

Guardians of Rescue; pictured above is Sergeant Whiskers with both of her kittens

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