When She Separated From Her Husband She Sold The Expensive Jewelry He Bought Her But She’s Confiding In The Internet They’re Back Together And He Got Mad After Finding Out

A woman who is married got separated from her husband for about 2 years. While they were together as husband and wife, he purchased a lot of very expensive pieces of jewelry for her.

While they were not together though, she ended up selling most of the jewelry he had bought for her so that she would have money to pay for her expenses while she was looking for a new job.

They’re currently back together, and she recently had to explain to him what happened to all of the jewelry.

Initially, she did not tell him about what she did because she did not exactly know how to tell him about it.

She figured it would be alright since he did not even seem to know the jewelry was no longer in her possession, but then, her husband’s cousin started planning her wedding and this is how her secret came out.

Her husband’s cousin asked if she would be a bridesmaid in the wedding, which she agreed to, and then her husband’s cousin arrived at her house to see how the bridesmaid’s dress looked on her.

“While she was over, she mentioned a necklace I used to have that would’ve looked perfect with the dress,” she said.

“I told her I didn’t think it would look nice because I don’t have it anymore and I didn’t know how to admit that to her.”

“Later when we were having dinner, she brought it up again in front of my husband. She asked his opinion and he agreed that the necklace would look good with the dress and suggested I try it on just to humor her.”

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