She Found Out Her Husband Stalked And Manipulated Her Into Being With Him And The Internet Is Seriously Concerned For Her Safety

Have you ever seen You on Netflix? It’s amazing, but boy is it creepy. A bookstore manager named Joe meets a woman named Beck, and he becomes completely obsessed with her.

He becomes so obsessed that he stalks her, and even takes out other guys she’s interested in so he can end up with her.

Just when you thought this plotline was too insane for real life, you were wrong.

A 32-year-old woman revealed online that she found out her husband stalked and manipulated her into being with him.

The internet is saying this guy is a real-life Joe from You. Her story gave me chills (not the good kind) and people are seriously concerned for her safety.

She starts out by explaining that she met her 37-year-old husband Dave around 5 years ago, and they tied the knot around 2 and a half years ago.

They went on to have a daughter, 20-months-old, and this woman is 4 months along with their second child.

They also just bought a nice house in the suburbs a few years ago. She’s a stay-at-home mom, which she loves. Dave works to support their family and makes good money. He’s a wonderful husband, a great father, and her best friend.

He sounds like the perfect man, but she found out not long ago about a pretty dark secret he was keeping from her that has her wondering if she should even stay married to him.

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