20 Years Ago Her Brother’s Friend Drove Her To Her Friend’s House For A Movie Night And Then This Teen Went Missing

“As Erin was walking back to Curtis’ truck, a dark-colored Chevrolet Cavalier with tinted rear windows car pulled up to the curb.”

“Erin went up to the car and had a short conversation with someone in the car. She told Curtis, “These guys will give me a ride.”  Erin got in the back seat.”

Now, everything you just read from Erin’s family is the account that Curtis provided, but nobody else had witnessed Erin get into the Cavalier.

Since Curtis noted that it really did look like Erin knew the people in the Cavalier, when Erin’s family reported her as missing to the police later that night, she was immediately labeled as a runaway.

Erin’s family does not think that this is the case at all. If Erin had been planning to run away, why didn’t she pack some essentials?

Her backpack, her clothing, her makeup, her planner, and all of her other personal effects were inside of her home.

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Those are things she certainly would have taken if she was set on leaving her family behind.

Another thing that doesn’t sit right with Erin’s family is the fact that Erin was extremely close to her friends, and she spoke to them every single day. None of Erin’s friends have heard from her since the night she vanished, and that’s just not like Erin.

Unfortunately, since Erin was labeled as a runaway child, the media pretty much refused to cover her story.

Taking matters into their own hands, Erin’s family painstakingly printed flyers and distributed them around Cedar Rapids in the hopes that their efforts would lead to some information on Erin.

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