3 Stories About The Most Unsettling Things People Have Ever Come Across In The Woods

Being that I grew up in suburbia, the woods have always just creeped me out. If you weren’t already on edge about being in the woods too…

…You will be after hearing these stories from people who found some pretty unsettling things out there among the trees.

Boris Ryaposov –

The Woman In The Woods

“I was driving home after an extremely late night at work, I lived in the middle of nowhere, about a mile before I got there a woman covered in blood jumped out of the woods into the middle of the road screaming.”

“I panicked and went around her then slammed on the breaks to help. Her boyfriend had beaten her and was currently chasing after her in the woods.”

“I got her in my car and called the police, they met us at the hospital because I told them there was no way I was waiting on the side of the road when he was coming.”


Toddler Clothes

“Hiking and fishing a creek in a remote area. I was 16 and fishing with 2 of my uncles. As I was making my way up a rock pile I came upon something that made me freeze and call to my uncles. It was a little child’s clothes, laid out on a boulder.”

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