3 Stories Of People Who Narrowly Avoided Being Murdered

“Anyway, he invited me over to stay the night after school on a Friday, said his folks were gone and he just wanted to play video games, smoke a joint and show me some riffs he’s been working on. Told him, I’d hop on my bike and ride up the hill after dinner…a bit later, my brother broke his foot riding his 4 wheeler, so I ended up going to the hospital with him instead.”

“Brandon stabbed his Mom, Dad, both dogs and 7 year old sister to death that night, then set the house on fire when the State Troopers showed up. His little sister called 911 after hearing her Mother screaming before he got to her.”

“I literally have no idea if I would have been included in that…horror movie of a night, but, I’m really thankful my brother is clumsy as sh*t, unknowingly probably saved my life that night. He was sentenced to life in prison, he was 16 years old. (1999 if I remember correctly)”


“Welp this happened this year and I’m still recovering from it! Went on a date with a great guy. End of the night he wanted more than a kiss. I said no and he just turned into a psychopath. I got very very lucky but I got the sh*t beat out of me.”

“The doctors said that my injuries were indicative that he was actively trying to kill me. I got away because I’ve taken years of self defense. And he was only about 50lbs heavier than me. I’m very very tiny so most men are easily 100lbs bigger than me.”

“So anyways. That was my 2021. Also I’m doing much better now. Though I am taking a hiatus from society and enjoying camping out in the countryside for now.”


“This isn’t my story, it’s my dad’s. When my dad was ~11 he was riding his bike home from the grocery store. When he was around two miles from his house, a man pulled up in his car and asked my dad if he could put his groceries in his trunk and he’d take him home.”

“This guy was giving my dad the creeps and he started getting a horrible feeling about him so he said no and started riding his bike again.”

“The guy started following my dad for a few miles before my dad finally started going as fast as he could and the guy in the car turned down a different street.”

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