50 Years Ago This Teen Was Found Dead In The Trunk Of An Abandoned Car And Her Killer Has Finally Been Named After 5 Long Decades

Officers started out by searching through the apartment where Maureen lived, but nothing seemed concerning to them.

Out in the apartment’s parking lot, her car was sitting there like it was on any normal day, so where had she gone?

Facebook; pictured above Maureen sits in her car; the very same one found in the parking lot of her apartment

It was a question that authorities really didn’t have any answers to, as they couldn’t find any evidence to point them in the direction of Maureen.

That would all change four days later.

Facebook; pictured above Maureen sits on a couch

Four days after Maureen disappeared, two boys in their teens were walking through a wooded area close to Ely Rd SW when they saw a woman lying inside of the trunk of a car that had been abandoned out there in the woods.

That woman turned out to be Maureen, and she had some of her clothing on, but she was not wearing any shoes. Strangely enough, her feet were completely clean, so she could not have walked out to the area.

“An autopsy was conducted and it was determined that Farley had been hit in the head causing a skull fracture which caused her death,” the Cedar Rapids Police Department said in a statement.

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