A 22-Year-Old Woman Is Still Playing With Dolls And Spending Most Of Her Money On Them So Her Boyfriend Is Asking The Internet For Help

A 22-year-old woman is still playing with dolls and spending most of her money and her boyfriend’s money on them.

Her boyfriend is asking the internet for help with how to handle all of this since it’s becoming a problem.

“My girlfriend and I are both 22 and have a fantastic relationship and we both love each other a lot, we don’t have any kids and we have been living together since January,” he started out by saying.

His girlfriend is working towards becoming a pediatric nurse, and she absolutely adores kids. She can’t wait until she can have a child one day.

He said that his girlfriend kept all of the baby dolls she had as a kid; even their accessories like their carriers and other things.

While that might not seem strange, what she did with them after taking their relationship to the next level is.

She ended up moving into his place, and she brought all the dolls and their accessories with her.

“She plays with them almost every day for about 2 hours, which I think is absolutely fine, I see it as a hobby and that’s about as far as it goes for me,” he continued.

He then said he’s concerned about making her feel weird about the dolls since he considers it to be part of her active imagination.

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