A Seventeen Year Old Went Viral On TikTok After Sharing The Hate She Received From Adults Over Her Homecoming Dress

Daphne, Alabama. Grace Brumfield, a seventeen-year-old from Daphne, Alabama, went viral on TikTok after sharing the despicable comments that adults made on Facebook in response to her homecoming outfit.

Like most teenagers, Brumfield was excited to attend the homecoming dance with her boyfriend.

The couple took beautiful photos together- in which Brumfield donned a black dress with ruffled shoulders. Her boyfriend wore a classic black button-down and jeans.

TikTok; pictured above is Grace with her boyfriend in their outfits

Like most proud parents, her boyfriend’s mom posted the photographs on Facebook. The response from the community, though, was outrageous.

“Whew, my mama woulda killed me if I dressed like that and my dad would’ve killed my date if he put his hands on my lower half,” wrote Teresa Orellana.

“These pictures are way too grown up,” agreed Keri Kraemer Gomez.

Rhonda Flesner, another commenter, even compared Brumfield’s outfit to that of warranting sexual assault.

“That dress is inappropriate. You don’t have to show private parts to get attention,” Flesner remarked, “Girls wonder why they get raped. Don’t dress like you are asking for it. And no, I’m not jealous.”

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