After His Fiancée’s Family Ruined Dress Shopping For Her, He Made It Clear They Can’t Come To The Wedding

A 28-year-old man and his 28-year-old fiancée are set to get married soon, and several days ago, his fiancée went shopping to find her wedding dress.

None of her friends are close to where they live, and because of this, she brought just her sister, her mom, and her dad with her to shop.

Picking out a wedding dress is supposed to be an exciting and fun thing to do with your loved ones, but his fiancée’s family absolutely ruined the experience for her.

Instead of coming home with a dress, his fiancée came home sobbing.

“She said when they got to the bridal store her sister was looking at dresses instead of paying attention to the appointment and then their parents especially their mother started looking with her and she started trying on dresses herself and then her parents bought her sister a dress,” this man said.

How odd, right? His fiancée’s sister doesn’t have an engagement ring or a boyfriend so that just makes the whole thing extra weird.

Instead of the day being all about his fiancée, it turned into being all about her sister. His poor fiancée did not put any of the dresses on because her sister was too busy stealing the show.

To make things even more bizarre, his fiancée’s parents purchased a dress for his fiancée’s sister, and the dress cost far more than what they had budgeted for his fiancée’s dress.

This really doesn’t make any sense because his fiancée’s parents already told them they could not financially help out with the wedding (not that this couple asked) but here they are buying his fiancée’s sister an expensive wedding dress and this girl isn’t even engaged.

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