After His Fiancée’s Family Ruined Dress Shopping For Her, He Made It Clear They Can’t Come To The Wedding

Hours after his fiancée arrived back home, her mom and dad phoned him up to alert him to the fact that she got “dramatic” and “emotional” while looking for her wedding dress.

He knew they did nothing to help her pick her dress or make her feel special, so in response, he told them they can’t come to their wedding anymore over how they treated her.

He also made it clear her sister was also not invited now.

This man said that under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t insert himself into family drama, but this whole situation was so infuriating to him that he had no choice but to get involved.

It has been about 7 days since this all happened, and even though his fiancée’s sister and parents continuously text and call her, she hasn’t replied. She also has not brought up extending invites again to them.

He did tell his fiancée that if she did not agree with what he did she is welcome to let her family come to the wedding now, but she hasn’t said a peep about it.

Looks like her family won’t be attending after all, and they have taken their anger out on him by sending texts and calls to him accusing him of being “controlling.”

He explained that his fiancée is a kind and selfless woman and he feels she has every right to be hurt by how her family acted while wedding dress shopping.

She works incredibly hard and is currently in the middle of her residency after having graduated from medical school.

He just wants his fiancée to have a wonderful experience at her wedding and while doing things leading up to it, like picking out her dress.

He just can’t believe how her whole family treated her, but he’s wondering if he was maybe in the wrong for being so quick to uninvite them.

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