After She Suffered A Miscarriage, These Are The Amazing Texts Her Friend Sent To Help Support Her

Ashlee Gadd is a mom who started Coffee + Crumbs, a storytelling platform for other moms to contribute to.

Ashlee shared in a heartbreaking Instagram post that she was seven weeks pregnant with her fourth child when she sadly miscarried.

A few days ago, Ashlee shared another post on Instagram, which was a collection of pictures she titled, “friendship: a thread.”

The first photo confusingly shows a package of Charmin toilet paper sitting next to a box of Cheez-It snacks on her front porch.

Instagram; pictured above is a photo that Ashlee snapped of the package of Charmin toilet paper and box of Cheez-It snacks on her porch

The second photo that Ashlee shared after the photo of the items on her porch was a screenshot of a text from one of her friends which read, “Checking on you. Please choose from the following:”

“1.) I pick your kids up anytime after 3:30 today & show them a good time through dinner (which would be at Chick-fil-A, obvi, & would include takeout brought back for you).”

“2.) I send DoorDash dinner of your choice to you (This offer is valid any day this week. Also next week.)”

“3.) I have to go to Target today, I can pick up anything you need & drop it on your doorstep & not talk to you at all.”

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