Blush & Whimsy Review: Add A Bit Of Magic To Your Day With This Lipstick That Comes Packaged With An Incredible Story

I’m quite hard to please when it comes down to what I put on my lips. I am absolutely picky on my chapsticks, and I’m even worse when it comes to lipsticks. Prior to this post, I only wore and liked Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm.

My lips have a lot of pigment; so much so my husband told me on our second date that he wasn’t sure how my lipstick didn’t come off on the glass of my drink for the evening.

Well, it’s because I wasn’t wearing any lipstick! With naturally red lips, it makes it hard to pick lipsticks that don’t make me look like a complete clown.

Blush & Whimsy sent me two of their lipsticks to review: Belle Blush and Royal Blush. My first impression was that the packaging is absolutely amazing.

I love black and gold, and I also love that their packaging has a little pull-out drawer with the lipstick nestled inside.

The lipstick tubes are made of bright gold metal with an insulated lining, and although I haven’t had the chance to test these out in the summer Manhattan heat, Blush & Whimsy says the insulated lining keeps it from melting which is an excellent touch.

What’s more exciting about how their packaging looks though is the story behind it. Blush & Whimsy partners with disabled veterans to package their products, fulfill their orders, handle quality control and assembly, and ship out their orders too. It makes me so happy that Blush & Whimsy has made this such an enormous part of their company.

When I took off the gold cap and extended the lipstick to apply it, I noticed that there are tiny gold flecks throughout the lipstick, and at the bottom is a perfect little flower solidified in there with their signature LipGlass® technology.

Both the Belle Blush and Royal Blush lipsticks just glide right over your lips when you apply them. The texture is smooth, not gooey or sticky, and both absorb nicely into your lips so it feels like you have a little something on, but it doesn’t just sit on the top of them. If I had to equate the texture of the lipsticks to something, it’s like a silk scarf.

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