Child Sadly Passes Away After An Accident Inside A Homemade Fort

Geismar, Louisiana. Plenty of children imaginatively build forts to play inside of, and it’s not something that immediately comes to mind as a dangerous activity.

Unfortunately, one little boy in Louisiana lost his life recently after an accident occurred inside of a fort he made along with his siblings.

A 6-year-old boy from Geismar and his 2 siblings (ages 9 and 4) had built a homemade fort in the yard of a family member’s home, right next door to where they live on Cornerview Road.

The fort was constructed out of a set of concrete, prefabricated stairs that were on top of a flatbed-style trailer. The kids had also put a cover over the stairs to make it more like a traditional fort.

A few days ago on the afternoon of October 10th, officers with the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office and firefighters from the Geismar Volunteer Fire Department arrived on Cornerview Road after a call came in about a fire there on a property.

The trailer the kids had made their fort on top of was burning in their relative’s yard, and the 6-year-old boy sadly passed away in the fire. He was located underneath the fort materials.

Louisiana Office Of State Fire Marshal; pictured above is a photo shared from the Louisiana Office Of State Fire Marshal along with the news of the child’s passing

“Witness statements indicate the children had possession of a lighter and used it to light a small pile of combustible objects as though it was a campfire,” a statement from the Louisiana Office Of the State Fire Marshal explained.

The 6-year-old boy’s siblings were able to get out of the fort after the campfire was started, but the 6-year-old became stuck inside of the fort.

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