Everyone Is Accusing Her Of Upstaging The Bride At A Wedding When All She Tried To Do Was Look Nice

When she got there, she was pretty surprised to see that she seemed to be the only guest that put any effort into their appearance.

There were around 30 guests at the wedding, and basically, everyone had on shorts, polos, or t-shirts.

She was literally one of the only people there that had on a dress; only one other guest had dressed up in one.

To be fair, the invite said cocktail attire, and she was one of the only guests to abide by that. Polos and shorts aren’t cocktail attire, that’s casual attire.

“The bridesmaid wore something that looked like it was out of Hot Topic,” she explained. “The groom wore a tuxedo shirt and black jeans.”

As for the bride, well, she had a custom-made gothic-style wedding dress. It wasn’t white; it was a patchwork of colors including black, purple, and red.

“Her hair was not brushed, and she did black makeup so heavily that you could barely see her face. I was shocked,” she continued.

The worst part of the evening was that she had multiple people approaching her at the reception to accuse her of upstaging her cousin.

She never wanted to upstage anyone, she just wanted to look put together. To top it all off, the bride wouldn’t engage with her at all, though she did her best to get to know her cousin.

As soon as the wedding was over and she was on her way back home, she got tons of calls from her cousin’s husband and her cousin’s mother.

They berated her for being a terrible person for what she wore. They said she dressed “like Grace Kelly” and purposely did what she could to “make the bride feel ugly at her own wedding.”

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