He Made A Budget For His Teen Niece To Show Her How Difficult It Would Be For Her To Get Married And After His Niece Ended Her Engagement He’s Asking The Internet If It Was Wrong

A man has a 19-year-old niece, who just got engaged to the boyfriend she has that she has only been seeing for 4 months now.

His brother made it very clear to his niece that if she went through with marrying this guy, he was financially cutting her off for good.

His niece is living something of the high life, and he described her as very “spoiled.”

Anyway, his niece came to his place to visit him a few days ago, and he suspects the intention behind her visit was to get support from him for her marriage.

He noted that he was also financially cut off by his parents after he said he would never divorce his current wife, and since his niece was facing the same situation, he thinks this is why she wanted to come see him.

“She was telling me who she knew it would be difficult but she could manage because she loved him,” he explained.

“I asked her if she had a budget she said she didn’t. I offered to help make her one and she was enthusiastic.”

His niece had no clue how much her groom-to-be made, so she sent him a text asking about it. He basically avoided the question, so this man figured he had to make around $16 an hour.

He modeled out the estimated salary for 12 hours a day, and 6 days a week. He added in $10,000 annually for tips, and he thought his niece would be making around the same.

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