He Still Has Paintings His Ex-Girlfriend Made Hanging In His Apartment And He’s Telling The Internet His Current Girlfriend Is Upset About It

A 29-year-old man has been with his current girlfriend, 29-year-old Willow for a little less than 2 years now.

Before Willow, he used to be in a relationship with a woman named Fiona, and she was incredibly talented when it came to painting.

Fiona’s specialty was animal portraits, and so she happened to paint a few portraits of his animals; his 2 cats and his dog.

“My dog has since passed away (he died of cancer 3 years ago) and my 2 cats are now elderly (both 16) and probably won’t live much longer,” he explained.

“As you can imagine I deeply cherish these paintings.”

He and Fiona haven’t been together for a while now, but he does have the portraits she made hanging in his apartment in frames.

The paintings are incredibly special to him because of the way they captured his pets; not because of the fact that Fiona made them.

Now, Willow knows that those portraits were painted by his ex-girlfriend, and she is not happy that they’re still hanging up in his apartment, despite the fact that he isn’t keeping them because Fiona is the artist.

Willow has just taken up digital art, and she has created some work for him of his animals, in an attempt to get him to take down the portraits that Fiona made.

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