He Still Has Paintings His Ex-Girlfriend Made Hanging In His Apartment And He’s Telling The Internet His Current Girlfriend Is Upset About It

Willow is actively trying to get her work to be in the place of Fiona’s, and since he hasn’t hung up what Willow made instead, Willow is pretty upset.

“Well we had another argument about it last night and Willow wants to try to do a painting of my deceased dog and two cats to replace my ex’s portraits,” he continued.

“She even said she would try to copy Fiona’s paintings exactly, so I wouldn’t need the original anymore and I could throw them out.”

He made it clear to Willow that nothing will change his mind and he will not take the portraits off his walls, since they are so special to him.

Willow retorted that he likes Fiona’s art more than the art she makes, even though that’s not the reason why he keeps the portraits up.

This really has become a constant problem in his relationship with Willow, and he’s starting to think that maybe he’s in the wrong.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Keep the paintings, get rid of Willow.”


“How incredibly childish of Willow to attempt to turn this into a contest. My ex was an artist, and my husband has no problem with the paintings. He likes them, and even hired my ex to do a portrait of his parents.”


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