He Used To Be A Marine And Now He Teaches Tips On TikTok For Personal Safety, Like How To Fight Back With Acrylic Nails On

Robin is a man on TikTok who goes by @dutchintheusa. He used to be part of the Royal Dutch Marine Corps, and now he teaches tips on TikTok for personal safety.

A lot of the viral videos that Robin creates are geared towards women specifically, and one of his most recent videos is all about how to fight back with acrylic nails on.

The video caught the attention of more than 5.5 million people, and for good reason.

Robin holds up his hands in his video to show that he got a vibrant blue acrylic manicure for the purpose of demonstrating this important safety tip.

Robin explained that you cannot make a fist and throw an actual punch with acrylics on since the tips will dig into your palms and only end up hurting you.

Instead of pulling your hands into fists to fight back against a potential attacker, Robin laid out two different solutions.

TikTok; pictured above Robin shows off his new set of nails while demonstrating his safety tips for women

“So what you’re going to do is give your hit with your palm, like that,” Robin said while opening up his hand.

“That still works,” he concluded after he demonstrated hitting a plywood board with only his palm and his fingers outstretched.

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