He Was Brutally Honest When He Told His Mom’s Friend Why He Would Never Date Her Daughter And He’s Asking The Internet If He Should’ve Been Nicer

Yesterday, a guy was over at his mom’s home to get some things, and his mom’s friend Carla happened to be there at the same time as him.

He met Carla a while ago, and she is the mom of a daughter that is the same age that he is. Prior to yesterday, Carla had made comments to him about having him meet her daughter.

Anyway, as he was going between his mom’s house and his car moving some things, he could hear Carla saying to his mom that she really wanted her daughter to “get her life together and meet someone nice.”

He already is well aware that Carla’s daughter is not someone he would ever want to go on a date with.

“Her daughter was in a 2 year college for 4 years and then dropped out, which is normal and not bad,” he explained.

“Then she had a decent job and quit because “it was boring”. She has a drug problem and is in and out of rehab, and she bounces from one guy to the next and somehow gets them to pay her bills.”

So, that’s precisely why he has zero interest in Carla’s daughter.

Carla straight up inquired if he was single or not, and after he admitted that he was, she continued to try to get him to agree to take her daughter on a date.

Carla said her daughter desperately needs a nice man, to which he replied he was quite busy and tried to avoid the conversation.

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