Her Boyfriend Cheated On Her With Her Sister And Now That They’re Pregnant She’s Telling The Internet She Wants To Cut All Contact

She was so upset by this news that she walked out of the place without paying and left her stepsister there alone.

After she left, her stepsister reached out asking that she pay her half of the bill, and then complained to their parents about how she wouldn’t accept the relationship.

“She told my parents who then called me to their house, telling me how disappointed in me they are for not supporting my sister’s relationship with Ben,” she continued.

“They brought up the fact that because she had cancer as a teenager, she never learned proper social etiquette, and has a hard time meeting people.”

Her parents threatened to stop speaking to her if she could not get over her stepsister and Ben being together.

She tried to argue her side, but her parents shut her down by accusing her of just “being jealous” of her stepsister.

The thing is, she is not jealous at all; she’s hurt. She’s hurt about how things ended with Ben, and she’s hurt that her sister stabbed her in the back by sleeping with her boyfriend.

“What I’m upset about is the fact that my sister chose Ben over me,” she explained.

“That she slept with Ben knowing he and I were in a long-term, committed relationship, and continues to be with him knowing how much it hurts me.”

Since she refused to accept the relationship, her family has not spoken to her. She then found out that her stepsister is pregnant and expecting a child with Ben.

Her sister is 4 months along, which means the cheating with Ben was going on for far longer than she even initially thought.

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