Her Boyfriend Packed Protection For A Trip She Wasn’t Even Going On And Now She’s Asking The Internet If He Deserves A Second Chance

A 21-year-old woman has been dating her 25-year-old boyfriend for a little more than 8 months now.

She thought everything was going well between them until he took a vacation a month ago without her.

The reason she didn’t go with him on this vacation was that her schedule didn’t allow for her to end up going.

Before her boyfriend left, he asked her if it would be alright to use a backpack that she owns, since it’s larger than the one he has and he wanted to use it to pack.

Her boyfriend went on his vacation, he came home, and he returned her backpack that he had borrowed.

Around 7 days after her boyfriend returned, he mentioned to her that he left money in a pocket of the backpack and he wanted to stop by her place to get it.

She didn’t think anything of it, and they both happened to forget the money in the backpack so her boyfriend never dropped by to grab it.

However, when she recalled him saying he left the money there recently, she picked up the backpack and moved it to an area of her place where he keeps a few things.

As she was moving it, she surprisingly found her boyfriend had packed protection. It wasn’t money at all that he had wanted to get out of the backpack’s pocket, it was that.

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