Her Boyfriend Packed Protection For A Trip She Wasn’t Even Going On And Now She’s Asking The Internet If He Deserves A Second Chance

“I asked him about it and at first, he claimed it was for in case he was sexually assaulted,” she explained.

“Eventually he admitted it was in case he slept with someone else. I was very upset since we have already talked about us being in a monogamous relationship.”

“He agreed that he made a mistake and I told him that while he was on thin ice I would try and deal with it.”

She has never been an envious girlfriend, and she’s fine with the friends he has that are girls. She has never considered that she would have to worry about them and him, and she never paused to think that she would have to be concerned about the parties he attends alone.

She’s spending time with her family now and since she’s been away, her boyfriend has been spending more time with his friends, which is worrying her.

She really is under the impression that her boyfriend is “doing something wrong” even though she has no concrete information to back this feeling up.

Her boyfriend did mention that he never slept with another woman when he went on that trip all alone and packed protection, but she still isn’t exactly buying that he’s faithful.

“I don’t know whether it’s worth trying to fix this, especially considering the relatively short length of the relationship, but I do love him,” she concluded.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“She says she knows he didn’t cheat, but she really doesn’t. Considering he planned this, odds are very high he did.”


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