Her Boyfriend Slapped Her For Not Wearing Enough Makeup And She’s Asking The Internet If He Deserves Another Chance

A 21-year-old woman revealed to the internet that her 24-year-old boyfriend slapped her across her face for not wearing enough makeup.

She says he has never hit her before, so she’s left wondering if she should give him another chance or end the relationship here.

“We’ve been together for two years now,” she started out by explaining.

“To be completely fair, we haven’t exactly been treating each other very well lately, I’ve also lost my temper with him at times and we do rile each other up.”

It already feels sad that she feels the need to paint the picture like this.

“The whole quarantine thing has been very difficult for both of us.”

“He has to work from home which is very challenging for him and I’m stuck at home with no job so I don’t have much of an escape, I do the housework and try to keep up with my hobbies but mostly I just use my free time to sit around and watch shows.”

“He doesn’t mind as long as I’m keeping the house clean and doing at least one or two useful activities a day.”

She then says he is “very particular” about what happens in the bedroom.

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