Her Boyfriend Spent $2,400 On 4 Tennis Lessons And She’s Telling The Internet She’s Not Sure If That’s Really What He’s Doing With The Money

A young woman in her early 30s is dating a man who is also in his early 30s. They have been with one another for a few years now, and he recently proposed to her but doesn’t want to actually get married.

Anyway, they live together and her boyfriend stays at home while she is the one who works. Her boyfriend does every single thing around the house; emptying the trash, cooking their meals, cleaning, buying all of the groceries…you name it, he does it.

She learned not that long ago that her boyfriend has been taking some tennis lessons, and she was completely fine with that.

“I didn’t think they’d be overly expensive,” she explained. “Well I looked at the bank statement and he’s apparently had 4 4 hour sessions that have cost us 2400$ total. Now let me clarify that we are not rich.”

She brought it up to him when she found out how much he had spent on 4 lessons, and he couldn’t quite grasp the reason why she was upset.

He tried to tell her that if he was working and collecting a paycheck she probably would not mind, and she doesn’t deny that, but she maintains that it’s still a ton of money to spend on tennis.

Her boyfriend told her that he really likes tennis, but she can’t believe that he’s paying so much money for it.

“No, I am not 100% sure they’re tennis lessons,” she continued. “But that’s what he said. And I trust him.”

She also added that he was withdrawing cash to make the payments on the tennis lessons.

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