The Woman Her Husband Cheated On Her With Wants To Be Friends But She’s Telling The Internet She Wants Nothing To Do With This Woman

“She was part of your ex-husbands cheating and comes crying to you when he continues the cycle. She has no shame.”

“You said the exact thing I was thinking, let them visit but with their dad. You have no obligation to set up visitation between half-siblings.”


“You know the saying “If he’ll do it for you, he’ll do it to you”? Well, now she does too.”


“Well, she was dumb enough to marry a guy who she knows can cheat on his wife. And then have a kid with this sort of man. Honestly, what did she expect?”


Then someone who grew up in a pretty similar situation weighed in on all this…

“As a child that was born to a somewhat similar situation (my father married my mother after cheating on his first wife with my mother, then later divorced my mother years later).”

“My father’s children from his first marriage are my sisters, no question about it. I don’t view them as less because they’re “half”. My mother and my sister’s mother obviously didn’t get along.”

“However, they were civil enough to each other for our sake. They recognized we were siblings and wanted us to have a relationship.”

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