Her Ex Has Been Using Her Niece To Spy On Her And She’s Telling The Internet He Was Paying Her Niece To Do It

“From the messages, we found out that she was giving him information, pictures, and videos of me in exchange for money,” she said.

As punishment, her brother forced Amelia to take the money and give it to her, and then he also grounded Amelia on top of it.

Days after this all went down, she ended up being home alone with Amelia. Amelia pleaded with her to return the money she earned from her ex because Amelia’s parents couldn’t pay for some very expensive art classes she desperately wanted to take.

Amelia also apologized, but she refused to return the money to Amelia. Amelia only started crying again after hearing this.

“I did confront my ex about it but he was not apologetic at all and told me I should’ve let her keep the money since she was just a kid and this was all of his doing, not hers,” she concluded.

“He also said he wouldn’t have had to resort to this if I had just spoken to him myself like an adult.”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“…Don’t give the money back, it was your brother that made her give you the money and therefore was the punishment. Giving her the money back would be going against the brother’s punishment.”


“She was taking money to provide information to your ex. I don’t care what someone’s intentions are, that is a dangerous game to play.”

“This could have had a very real and negative outcome and your niece should not be rewarded for her actions regardless of what her intent was.”

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