Her Ex Is Marrying The Girl He Cheated On Her With And A Lot Of Her Friends Don’t Understand Why She Doesn’t Want To Go To The Wedding

“We’re incredibly happy and everything’s been great these last years together. Ex wasn’t exactly happy about it from what I’ve heard but in his defense, I’ll say he hasn’t said or done anything untoward regarding our relationship so all is well.”

She found out around a month ago that her ex is now getting married to the girl that he cheated on her with.

Her ex sent a text to her current boyfriend to share the big news, and her boyfriend immediately said that he would be attending the wedding.

Her ex said to her boyfriend that she is invited to their wedding as well, but when her boyfriend revealed that to her, she said she didn’t want to go to the wedding.

Now, her boyfriend is incredibly understanding of why she doesn’t want to go to the wedding, and he’s going to be going without her.

Some of their friends, however, can’t for the life of them grasp why she does not want to be there for her ex’s nuptials.

Her friends think she should get over things and go to the wedding since it will be fun. She really would feel uneasy going, and she knows the sole reason she received an invitation is that her boyfriend is her ex’s friend.

The friends she does have that get why she doesn’t want to go still think she should anyway.

She’s now debating attending since her friends have made her feel like it’s time to just get over it all and put her discomfort aside for the day.

How would you deal with this?

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