Her Fiancé Cheated On Her With Her Sister And She’s Telling The Internet She Just Got Tricked Into Meeting Their Baby

Less than 2 years ago, a 32-year-old woman was engaged to her 32-year-old fiancé named Lee. She and Lee were together for 10 years.

Just weeks before she and Lee were set to tie the knot, she ended up catching Lee cheating on her with Kim, her little sister who is 2 years younger than her.

She ended things then and there with Lee when she walked in on him with Kim, and the worst part was that her sister and her fiancé did not feel badly at all for their actions.

Apparently, they had been going behind her back for close to 7 months with their cheating, which she had no idea about. That’s a pretty awful betrayal from not one, but two people who were incredibly important to her.

Lee and Kim told her that they had a bond, and when she confronted Lee about not feeling the same way about her, he accused her of having been too focused on her career and making money.

“With great convincing and tears and tantrums, they had their wedding at the same place and the same theme that I had to have, and none of our relatives knew what had happened,” she explained.

Yeah, she went to the wedding. That was supposed to be hers.

Following the cheating, she stopped talking to all of her family members for an entire year. Several months ago though, her mom and dad pleaded with her to speak to them, and they also pleaded with her to forgive them.

She tried to be the bigger person and she did say she was ready to put the past behind her when it came to her relationship with her mom and dad.

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