Her Fiancé Cheated On Her With Her Sister And She’s Telling The Internet She Just Got Tricked Into Meeting Their Baby

Well, 2 weeks ago she went over to her mom and dad’s house to have lunch with them, and before she agreed to go, her parents made it clear that Kim and Lee would not be around.

Turns out, that was a complete lie because Kim was there when she arrived, though Lee was not. She walked into the house and saw that Kim was holding a baby, which absolutely surprised her.

She still sit down and had lunch, despite the fact that she was seeing red.

“The final straw was my mom telling me to hold my “nephew”. I told them really rudely that I didn’t want to hold a baby that was indirectly born out of infidelity,” she said.

“My sister breaks down in angry tears and accuses me of hating her baby. I tell my parents that whatever they’d orchestrated was extremely cheap of them and they told me that they were “tired” and “lonely” of not seeing their daughters together and having bad blood.”

She reminded Kim she was the one who ruined their relationship when she thought it was a good idea to sleep with her fiancé.

She said a few more choice words and left, but not before saying she was never going to speak to any of them after this.

While she was leaving, she could hear everyone sobbing behind her, and it made her feel even worse than she already did.

Growing up, her mom and dad didn’t ever choose between her and Kim; they loved and supported both of them equally.

She really does not want to have a relationship at all with Kim or her parents, but her cousin thinks she should keep trying.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

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