Her Husband Promised To Buy Her Engagement Ring When He Has The Money And Now That He Does He’s Going Back On His Word

Three years ago, a 31-year-old woman got married to her husband, who is a year younger than she is.

Well before her husband entered her life, she always dreamed of the exact engagement ring she would like to be proposed to with, and it costs a little under $7,000.

Before she and her husband tied the knot, they started saving up every penny they had so that they could use it to purchase a home.

They saved enough to be able to do that, but after laying their money out for their home, there was basically nothing left of their savings.

They still very much planned to be engaged and then have a wedding, but at the time, her husband just didn’t have the money to purchase an engagement ring for her.

After buying their home, her husband decided not to get her the engagement ring she wanted in light of the depleted savings, with the promise of buying her one when he had more money.

In the meantime, she used one of the rings from her expansive jewelry collection in place of a formal engagement ring from her husband.

It was just supposed to be a placeholder, and not that long ago her husband received a great bonus at work, which she figured he could use to get her the ring she really wanted.

“We don’t have anything else that we need to pay for right now and aren’t saving up for anything so I said now would be a good time to finally get me my engagement ring,” she explained.

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