Her Husband Thinks She Should Stay Home With Kids While He Goes Alone To Her Brother’s Wedding

Yeah, so he’s not at all down to get a babysitter to watch their children for a couple of days, even though the person she has in mind is someone wonderful.

Instead, her husband said she should stay home alone with the kids (which is what she does for everything since he never wants a babysitter watching their kids) so he can go to the wedding by himself.

“I refused and said I have as much right to attend as him since we both were invited,” she continued.

“He said it wasn’t his fault my brother wants a child free wedding and I should do this for the kids and sacrifice for their sake. I still refused and said this was unfair and since he’s a parent too then he should also stay for the kids.”

Since her brother is her husband’s best friend, he’s not willing to stay at home with the kids and he feels he needs to be there.

Her husband then accused her of being spiteful and petty for even thinking he should be the parent to stay behind.

She does completely understand why her husband is scared of babysitters, but she tried to get him to just agree for this one time to get one, however, he was not having it at all.

“He keeps asking who’s more important a wedding party or my kids and said I was unreasonable for making my attendance the hill to die on,” she wrote.

She hasn’t gone to a single event in 4 years since she’s been at home with their children, and she is concerned she really is selfish, like her husband is saying she is, for her desire to be at her own brother’s wedding.

How would you deal with this?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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