Her Husband’s Female Coworker Brought Him Soup When He Was Sick And She’s Telling The Internet She’s Upset About It

A 34-year-old woman has a 36-year-old husband, and they tied the knot together 3 years ago.

Over the last several months, she started noticing that her husband has gotten extremely close to one of his coworkers, a 33-year-old woman.

Her husband basically speaks to his coworker nonstop; through texting and social media platforms as well.

Every single time her husband’s phone is in view of her, she can clearly see messages from his coworker to him.

For his job, he does travel a lot, and he goes with his female coworker on these trips. She really thinks he spends more time with his coworker than he does with her.

Now, her husband having to travel with his coworker doesn’t upset her in the slightest. What upsets her is the fact that the two of them will travel for work, come home, and need to spend time together like grab lunch or go out somewhere.

“If the traveling and incessant communication wasn’t enough they also spend hours off the clock playing video games,” she explained.

Several weeks ago, her husband got back from one of his work trips, and he was not feeling well. Since she only works 10 minutes away from their house, she said that she could stop by and get him some soup.

He declined, and then she saw some movement at her front door through her camera alert system.

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