Her Neighbor Threatened Her Over Her Halloween Decorations And She’s Telling The Internet There’s No Way She’s Taking Them Down

She asked her neighbor if her decorations were not compliant with their neighborhood’s HOA rules, to which he replied that his wife has arachnophobia and that’s why he wanted the decorations removed.

He said his wife was freaking out over the spider decorations, even though she’s positive they wouldn’t even scare children and she mentioned that.

Her neighbor threatened to make her life difficult if she didn’t do as he asked, before throwing it in her face that he’s a retired cop.

She made it clear to her neighbor that she and her husband spent a lot of money on their decorations and they are not scary or gory, but he wasn’t hearing it. After that, he stormed back over to his own property.

She really just wants to celebrate Halloween in peace with her husband now that she finally has the opportunity to, and she’s not going to take down the decorations she shelled out hundreds of dollars for.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“…As someone with severe arachnophobia I can tell you that it doesn’t matter how fake they look to you, they’re terrifying.”

“That being said, it’s Halloween. Our neighborhood is full of the damn things (I literally cannot write what they’re called. I hate seeing the word), our new neighbors just put a giant one up on their kitchen window and it is what it is.”

“My husband warned me about it ahead of time.”

“I would NEVER ask a neighbor to take down their decorations. I avert my eyes and deal with it.”


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