Her Parents Hid The Fact That Her Brother Has A Child From Him And She’s Telling The Internet Things Went South When He Found Out

A woman has a brother who used to have a girlfriend named Addie. Her brother and Addie were together for around 2 years.

She and Addie ended up being very good friends while Addie was dating her brother.

Her parents did like Addie, but they did not want her brother to get married to Addie. When her brother and Addie ended up breaking up, her parents were certainly pleased about that.

After her brother stopped dating Addie, Addie ended up no longer speaking to her because the breakup was really awful.

Just 5 months after her brother and Addie split up, Addie reached out to her parents to drop some big news on them.

Apparently, Addie was going to have a child and was not able to get a hold of her brother to tell him about that.

So, Addie figured by reaching out to her parents they would be able to let her brother know that she was pregnant with his child.

“They never told him, instead they told her that if my brother was involved, they would make sure he got custody and she would never see her baby again but that they would provide financial support if she kept this quiet because the child was still their blood,” she explained.

“It’s obvious which choice she picked.”

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