Her Sister Is Wearing Revealing Clothing Around Her Fiancé And She’s Telling The Internet Her Sister Didn’t Handle It Well When She Confronted Her

In the Facebook post, Mia called her insecure and said a bunch of other stuff that wasn’t so nice.

She did talk to her mom about the situation, and her mom feels that Mia is incredibly stressed out and that she should let it go and let her dress how she wants to.

She’s left feeling hurt that she has gone out of her way to help Mia out so much, and here her sister is being rude and indecent.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“She is being incredibly disrespectful of you and your husband, and it’s frankly creepy and embarrassing for her. Your house, your rules.”

“You’ve told her her behavior makes you both uncomfortable and is inappropriate. She needs to stop or leave. Period.”

“Doesn’t matter how much “stress” she is under. Your mother can host her if she feels differently.”


“Explain to her that she’s right, that she can dress however she likes. But that your fiance isn’t interested in her, and that each and every time she makes one of these blatant attempts at being seductive around him, the discomfort you both feel isn’t jealousy (from you) or attraction (from him) but pity (from both of you) because he isn’t remotely attracted to her, and her desperation is incredibly unflattering and pitiful.”

“You love her, she’s your sister, and you just really want to see her have more self-respect than to act like a thirst-trap around her own utterly disinterested brother-in-law, because she’s so much better than that, and it’s so heartbreaking to see. Maybe that will finally get through to her.”


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