His Job Was To Keep His Sister’s Kids From Making A Scene At Her Wedding And She’s Mad He Wasn’t Able To Do That

Well, the day of his sister’s wedding arrived and he was tasked with making sure Tyler and Cayleigh kept it together, which was hard because they were having a very hard time with the wedding.

During the ceremony, Tyler and Cayleigh had to leave to cry, and his sister was livid with him for not being able to prevent it.

His sister completely expected him to be able to keep Tyler and Cayleigh present without making a scene.

The worst part was that he could not keep the kids from sobbing, although he tried to make them feel better as best that he could.

“Those kids are devastated by the marriage. And I mean they are in so much pain because of it,” he said.

A few days post wedding, his sister reamed him out for not having “done more.” She accused him of allowing her kids to ruin her wedding since all the guests could clearly see how upset they were.

It’s wild that his sister thought he could have done something else to keep the kids from being so sad, but that’s how she feels.

His sister then said she did not consider him to be supporting her life change and she wants him in the future to do more to assist her with getting the kids to come around to her new husband.

He did stand up for himself, pointing out that she did nothing about making sure her kids were comfortable and approving before jumping into a second marriage.

He also mentioned she should get her kids into therapy.

“She called me unsupportive, judgmental of her decision and said I lacked compassion for her loss, her grief and her need for adult love,” he concluded.

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