His Teen Daughter Won’t Stop Swiping And Ruining Her Stepmom’s Makeup So This Dad Is Telling The Internet He Got A Lockbox To Solve The Problem

“Days ago my wife told me Molly took a whole set of makeup products and hasn’t returned it then said she threw it away when asked about it,” he continued.

He was very upset about Molly’s behavior, especially since Barbara does not want to reveal to Molly just how hurt she is by what she is doing.

Instead, Barbara just quietly went and bought duplicates of everything Molly took from her.

It was then that this dad decided to come up with a solution once and for all, so he purchased a lockbox for Barbara to keep all of her makeup in.

He then went back to Molly and had another conversation with her in which he laid out her punishment.

Molly wasn’t phased by being punished, but as soon as he let it be known to Molly that he bought Barbara a lockbox for her makeup, Molly lost it.

Molly insisted she should be able to keep using Barbara’s makeup, before sobbing about how she can’t pay that much money to use the nicer makeup.

Molly lamented about having to use cheaper makeup which she feels “damages her skin.” She also called her dad “selfish” and “mean” and thinks he should be “encouraging her shared interest in makeup with her stepmom.”

I think we can all agree that sharing an interest with someone and taking/ruining someone’s things without asking is definitely not the same thing.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Seriously, as a woman, sharing make up especially eyeliner and brushes is absolutely disgusting. The only thing my mother & I will share is foundation (just to try it out) or a blush brush. Anything else is just gross.”

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