His Wife Racked Up Over 1,000 Matches On Tinder Without Him Knowing So He Turned To The Internet For Help

A wife racked up over 1,000 matches on Tinder without him knowing she had the dating app at all. He ended up asking the internet for help with how to deal with this one.

He and his wife are both 25, and they first connected back in middle school. They began dating in high school, and they always had a feeling that they would be together.

They went to the same college, dated throughout the entire time, and everything was pretty much picture-perfect.

After they both graduated, they stayed together. He landed a great job writing for one of the local papers in a big city, while his wife started working managing a restaurant.

Everything just seemed to be going great, but then, he found out that his wife was pregnant. He struggled at first with the news, but then changed his mind.

He started being excited about getting to be a dad, and he made the choice to ask her to marry him.

She agreed, their son was born, and then they tied the knot several months after welcoming their son.

Unfortunately, his wife experienced awful postpartum depression after they had their son, and he really couldn’t be there for her since his job got even tougher and he wasn’t spending so much time at home anymore.

His wife then started getting upset about him cheating on her, though he was just working a lot. It also didn’t help that she was no longer secure since she still had some baby weight.

Anyway, his wife put her phone down on the kitchen table while she was cleaning dishes, and he noticed that it went off with a notification.

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