His Wife Racked Up Over 1,000 Matches On Tinder Without Him Knowing So He Turned To The Internet For Help

“She then opened her profile and showed that she hadn’t talked to any of the guys she matched with; I scrolled around for a bit, something she let me do, and found that she was telling the truth.”

“There were only incoming messages, no outgoing.”

“I told her that that made me very uncomfortable, and that I still loved her very much and that she shouldn’t be unconfident.”

“She said that she was insecure about her pregnancy body, she didn’t think I was attracted to her anymore, she had nagging thoughts that I was having an affair (not true at all), and that she would never see another man.”

“I asked her to delete it, and she did instantly. She told me that, if I was still paranoid, I had every right to snoop on her phone from time to time without permission.”

He does not want to go through her phone; he wants to trust her. He and his wife are now going to therapy together, and he’s hopeful she will feel confident again soon.

You can read the rest of what the internet had to say to him here.

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