His Wife Wants To Name Their Son After Her Dead Coworker He’s Never Even Heard Of And He’s Asking The Internet If It’s Ok To Be Really Uneasy About This

Well, right after she finally told him the meaning behind Scott, he was extremely uneasy about the situation.

As he said, he has never even heard of this coworker, and he thinks it’s just so strange for his wife to want to name their baby after her dead coworker.

He then questioned his wife on if she had reached out to Scott’s family to make sure they were alright with her wanting to name their son after him, but she said she didn’t since she doesn’t know them.

“She wants to actively make posts linking to his Facebook about our child’s growth and development,” he added.

“I feel like it was a little… weird to do without asking his family if they’re comfortable with that especially since they’ve never met.”

“That’s why I thought she knew his family because she was telling me the hashtag she created for it and everything.”

Eventually, he insisted to his wife they couldn’t name their son Scott because he is so uncomfortable with the whole situation.

She didn’t take that well and started a fight with him. Her sister and her mom even got involved and think he’s terrible for not agreeing with the name.

He’s also feeling upset that his wife will not give him any information on this coworker of hers, and it is important for him to know more about this man she wants to name their son for.

Additionally, he feels his wife was misleading about the name since she was not upfront with why she liked it, and that bothers him a lot.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

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