His Wife Was Rude To His Best Friend’s Fiancée And Because Of Her Behavior She Got Uninvited From The Wedding

He felt incredibly humiliated, though he did not say anything in front of Rachel and Matt that night. Instead, he waited until it was just him with his wife to bring up how he felt about her behavior.

He made it clear to his wife that she had to cut it with her terrible remarks about Rachel, and his wife didn’t think he was wrong in what he said.

He figure they were on the same page, so imagine his horror when she started coming for Rachel again the following evening at a bar.

While they were all at this bar, many of the men there were buying Rachel beverages and fawning over her.

“My wife was looking visibly annoyed that she wasn’t receiving the same attention so I tried to lift her spirits by paying for all her drinks and making a fuss of her,” he said.

“One guy came over and said that Rachel looked just like the model Zendaya. My wife let out a massive laugh and said did you mean to say Whoopi Goldberg.”

He spun around and called his wife out for being jealous of Rachel. His wife was visibly upset, though there was no opportunity for her to reply because at that point, Rachel already exited the table there were sitting at, and she was sobbing.

He jumped up from the table to go apologize to Matt, who went running after Rachel. After apologizing to Matt, he then returned to where his wife had been sitting, and his wife had the audacity to get angry at him for not letting her get away with her awful behavior.

She tried to say that she was embarrassed, to which he replied that she is clearly upset that Rachel is better looking than she is.

He now knows he probably shouldn’t have laid it out exactly like that, but he was completely furious.

After that terrible night at the bar, Matt sent him a message to say that his wife has been uninvited from the wedding.

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