His Wife’s Brother Started Passing Out His Own Wedding Invitations In The Middle Of Their Wedding Ceremony So He Kicked Him Out

A 33-year-old man says that he has never gotten along well with his wife’s 37-year-old brother, and he intentionally never refers to him as his brother-in-law.

His wife’s brother works as a doctor and considers everyone else beneath him. His wife’s brother has a daughter who is 16 and has been engaged for a while.

In September, his wife’s brother was set to have his wedding, but after an argument with his father-in-law, he canceled it.

Well, this man and his wife also had a wedding date set for just a few weeks later, and after his wife’s brother called off the wedding, he started interfering with their upcoming one.

His wife’s brother tried desperately to insert himself into their own wedding planning process, but the entire time, all he did was put them down.

Just a few of the things his wife’s brother put down included everything from their food choices to the guests they had planned on inviting.

When it came time for his wife to pick out her maid of honor, her brother pitched a fit because she did not select his fiancée.

A few days before the wedding, his wife’s brother asked him and his wife if he would be able to get up before their ceremony started and tell everyone about the new wedding date.

He and his wife both declined, and it seemed everything was resolved.

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