I Never Left By McGarvey Black Book Review: A Page Turning Psychological Thriller You Need On Your Bookshelf Or Favorite Device

We end up finding out not only was her husband a problem and potential suspect, but Quinn also had issues with her son and several jealous friends in her life.

Alec was cheating on Quinn during their marriage, and we find out he was pretty abusive. He was also about to leave her and quickly gets a new wife after Quinn’s death. But…Alec has an alibi.

People close to Quinn move on after her funeral, and nobody tries to get to the bottom of everything. Her case grows cold.

Detective John McQuillan and Quinn’s sister Erin keep fighting for justice, but you’re going to have to get the book for yourself to find out if they can make it happen.

I Never Left is a page-turner, it’s wonderfully written, it’s exciting the whole way through, and it’s something you won’t be sorry you picked up for yourself.

You can get it here on Amazon for $10.99!

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